CDS is the Gateway to the services you’re looking for.

Imagine a shopping mall, filled with stores entirely dedicated to the needs of parents and caregivers of children and individuals with developmental challenges. That’s what we are. At CDS, families can easily access all that they need, under one roof.

Several Unique Agencies Under One Roof.

The partners at CDS offer a variety of services by working together to meet the needs of the families we serve. Each agency has different referral criteria, processing, and payment requirements. And through working together, we combine to give you all the support and care you need. Professionals at CDS strive to collaborate and often cross-refer patients to multiple agencies within the CDS partnership.

We’re always talking with each other.

We work hard to keep the lines of communication between and among the agencies open. While at the same time, helping to reduce the amount of time the agencies must spend on activities not directly related to client care, such as reception, office management, and facility maintenance.

We share programs, resources, and insight.

CDS also operates shared programs, such as intake and scheduling, medical records, and Spanish translation. Our staff members are trained to help streamline the information gathering, scheduling, and medical records process, so that families’ stress is kept to a minimum. We are unique because we are a partnership that strives to address this unique need of our community. No other center like ours exists in the region. And CDS serves more than 8,000 children each year.

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Do you need what CDS offers?

If you think you may need a more specialized service than a normal provider might offer, you’ve come to the right place.


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