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If you’re a parent of a child with special needs, then you’re always going from here to there to find all the services you need. The Center for Developmental Services is a network of care providers for children and adults with special needs. We are an umbrella organization that gathers independent care providers under a single roof, and helps direct our clients to the services they need.

Our History

Changing Lives Across the Upstate


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Our center is unique and so is our history.


Our History Began with a Study.

In 1992, the Community Planning Council of the United Way of Greenville County undertook a comprehensive study of services in Greenville County for people with developmental challenges. It found that while many programs existed in the community, they were located throughout the county and were at times not well coordinated.

It Meant People Weren’t Getting the Right Help.

The study found that that many children and adolescents with developmental needs had to travel to several locations at different times, and that care was sometimes duplicative or incomplete.

CDS was Created to Solve Those Problems.

The study recommended that the programs co-locate in one site, and that they be linked by a common entity. Thus, the Center for Developmental Services was born.

We began operations in March 2000.

The use of the 35,000 square-foot facility was donated by the First Presbyterian Church of Greenville in the form of a rent-free lease. CDS now brings multiple disability organizations under one roof to address developmental issues. In one location, families now have access to developmental screenings, diagnosis, therapy (occupational, physical, speech), audiology, psychology, prosthetics, orthotics, education, outreach, care planning, and family support.

Accolades and Memberships

  • Proud Member of SC Association of Nonprofit Organization