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by Dana McConnell, CDS Executive Director

Volunteering is a wonderful way to connect with your community.  It allows you to live your passion while making a difference in the causes that matter to you most.

Here at CDS, we have numerous ways that students and adults can volunteer their time with us.  Depending on your time commitment, interest, and level of ability, you can do face painting or arts & crafts with children in the lobby or sign up on a weekly basis with a recurring project, like organizing our library.

Volunteering can be an individual passion or a group project.  Some individuals share their talents by playing guitar, reading aloud, or representing Disney characters.  We also host several groups each year that do outside maintenance projects or help with special community events.

Last year, 291 volunteers donated 929 hours of their time with CDS.  That’s a value of $18,580 to the organization and represents significant savings to the community.  With your volunteer hours, more of our dollars can go directly into programs that benefit our children and families with disabilities and developmental delays.

So where could you go to find out more information?  Great question!  CDS has a volunteer page on our website at  In addition, we often post projects on the United Way’s Hands on Greenville website at  But for more immediate and tailored volunteer needs that match your specific skills and time availability, you could call our Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Christy, at 864-331-1318.  She’ll let you know what we have coming up that needs your help the most.

I challenge each of you to live out your passion, get involved in your community, and make a difference today.

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