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headshotby Dana McConnell, CDS Executive Director

I feel truly blessed to have the best job in the world. I have the privilege of coming to work each day knowing that I make a difference in the lives of 6,000 children and families with developmental delays and disabilities.

It’s not actually me who makes that difference, I know, but I’m part of a wonderful team of staff and partners who help create miracles. At CDS, our partners help children hear for the first time as they listen to their mother’s voice. They teach children to swallow who had previously only been fed through a tube. They help children sit up, stand, or walk, when their families were told it would never be possible.

These milestones happen every day among our families. I’m proud to share that CDS has some milestones of our own as well. We have re-designed our landscaping and added a beautiful mural to the building. We revealed a new logo, updated our brochures, and launched a new website. The momentum continued right into our 15th year anniversary with week-long activities and lots of celebration. We also approved a new three-year strategic plan which gave us a road map toward new goals and challenges.

Although these achievements pale in comparison to the milestones our children reach, they help to create that “special place” our families need when they enter a world they were not expecting. New parents may be told their unborn child has a rare genetic disorder. A family of twins is beginning to see developmental delays in one of their two children. A student who had always seemed to struggle in the classroom is finally diagnosed with dyslexia.

These are the stories I hear time and again when I talk with our families. They are my inspiration for doing what I do. This blog will be a glimpse of those stories that motivate us, new programs or services we offer, updates on donor engagement or volunteer opportunities, and other informative posts to keep you updated. The Upstate is fortunate to have a place like CDS, and I am grateful to be part of this amazing organization.

The future of CDS and our families is so inspiring! I hope you join us on our journey.