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Alvarez Family_Landscape1

by Dana McConnell, CDS Executive Director
Photo credit:  Better Tie Productions

CDS is a place where over 6,000 children with disabilities or developmental delays come for therapy, diagnosis, and family support.  Each family has an incredible story.  Some of the children have overcome great odds already in their young lives; others have become more confident in themselves and their abilities.  And many are hitting milestones their parents were told to give up on.

One incredible story is the Alvarez family who chose to move to Greenville because of the services available for their youngest child, Emily.  Their journey has caught the attention of film producers who plan to bring their story to life in the form of a major motion picture titled Comfortably Seated.

As a child with disabilities himself, Ruben Alvarez knew firsthand the difficulties his daughter would face growing up.   His comical take on life is both inspirational and refreshing.  Ruben is now active in the Greenville community and is often a featured guest at speaking engagements, TEDx events, or in civic and church group gatherings.

The movie teaser is already available for viewing on You Tube.

We’re grateful for the part that CDS has been able to play in the Alvarez family’s needs. You can learn more and get involved at